Oct 3, 2015

9 - une sélection internet du moment - a round up of what caught my eyes on the internet

1– katie west's tumblr is one of my favorite tumblr ever. i really love everything about katie west and she recently posted some small videos she made over the years. she usually does selfportraits, often naked, and it's awesome.

le tumblr de katie west est un de mes sites internet préférés. j'aime tout de katie west, et elle a mis récemment des petites vidéos qu'elle a faites ces dernières années. sinon elle fait des autoportraits, souvent nue, et c'est génial.


2 – i am a catless crazy cat lady...

je suis une mémère à chats, sans chat... 

3 – jeff bridge's website is great. i really like the photography part, but there is also music and other stuff... and of course, he is this fantastic actor, and he is the dude...

le site internet de jeff bridges est vraiment bien. j'aime la partie photographie, mais on y trouve aussi de la musique et autres... et bien sur c'est un super acteur, et puis il est le dude...



4 – i have so much respect for president obama. he is here addressing one major problem in the u s . but he addressed so many more. why can't he be elected again ? (tho i'm really waiting for hillary to come into office).

5 - also disabled people have their own right to privacy. please listen.


soho // nyc

soho, nyc, ny.

Oct 2, 2015

killary fjord // ireland

killary fjord, between co mayo and co galway, ireland.

this is the view of the co mayo, we could tell the green has a different shade in co galway than in co mayo. i kid you not. more green to come.

Oct 1, 2015

Sep 27, 2015

gate // ireland

clifden, co galway, ireland.

this gate, for some reason, reminded me of the the ranches gates in texas. i was fascinated by all the ranches in the middle of nowhere, when we were traveling through texas.