Oct 23, 2014

at the serpentine gallery // london

serpentine gallery pavilion, hyde park. architect smiljan radić.
london, england.

Oct 20, 2014

nike town // london

london, england.

musique du lundi - monday music (lucinda williams)

i remember listening to lucinda williams endlessly when i was working in a fantastic little shop in the lower east side of manhattan. it seems different from what i usually listen to but it was my go to music over there. (i don't even own any of her music) but sometimes i'm nostalgic. the sadder the better...

je me souviens que j'écoutais lucinda williams en boucle quand je travaillais dans une super petite boutique du lower east side de manhattan à new york. cela semble différent de ce que j'écoute habituellement, pourtant c'est ce que je me mettais, là-bas, à cet endroit. (je n'ai aucun morceau chez moi) mais je suis parfois nostalgique. plus c'est triste meilleur c'est... allergiques au folk/country, s'abstenir...

Oct 19, 2014

sunday video // skateboarding

yeah it's sunday, but doesn't mean anything. what's good about today is that it is my first real off day in a good while, and i get to spend it the way i want. not so common these days. should i take my camera and shoot? probably. but hey, i'm watching skate vids instead. blame me.

a room with a view // corsica

nonza, corsica.

happy sunday you guys !

oscar murillo at the saatchi gallery // london

pangaea: new art from africa and latin america exhibition at the saatchi gallery.
london, england.